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Remembrance Jewelry, Heart Memorial Necklace, Until We Meet Again, Memory Necklace, Mourning Gift

Remembrance jewelry is re-imagined with this charming pendant and necklace set. Handmade from high quality materials, this piece packs plenty of visual punch. This elegant circle shape is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. It's available in ultra-lightweight aluminum for a subtle design that won't weigh you down. 

The versatile rust color of the copper heart pairs well with other metals.

  Note: Each piece is hand stamped by striking a hammer,
each letter at a time. The spacing and the depth of the letters vary - This creates
the beauty and uniqueness of every single piece - No two are the same! If you
have any concerns or are just new to hand stamped jewelry, let me know! I'll send
you pictures of the item before shipping it you to make sure you love it!

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